We are here to help gardening grow!

Sun Part Sun Shade Pots


Garden Starters is dedicated to spreading the joy of gardening across North America; making gardening accessible for all ages, skill levels and people.  Plants make up a crucial part of our daily lives, from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the beauty surrounding us.  

Our goal is to involve everyone in this exceptional process with our two main pillars: education and demonstrating the purpose of plants!  

Our greenhouses are located in Chilliwack, BC, Langley BC, and Picture Butte, AB.  By providing our retail partners with the highest quality bedding plants, Garden Starters hopes to be an accessible option for you to choose.  Use our store locator to find the nearest available store to you which stocks our bedding plants. 

8.5x11 Bench Card - Power of Plants 2


Education: One of the main pillars of Garden Starters is on education for your success as a gardener.  All of our pots and tags are yellow (full sun), orange ( part sun) or purple (shade) to allow you to shop with confidence. 

Plants With Purpose: The second main pillar of Garden Starters is demonstrating that plants are more than just decorations.  They are a activity and tool towards a number of different health and lifestyle improvements. 

Thank you for choosing to garden with us!